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Family travel made simple with baby equipment rentals that are clean, insured, and handled with care.

Convenient Baby Equipment Rentals for When You Travel

baby equipment rental and cribs

Traveling with little ones is complicated, but we make it easy. Forget the airline’s check-in policies for your baby’s bulky car seat. Don’t let the stroller take up precious trunk space on your family road trip. Tell Grandma not to go out and buy a high chair that your baby will grow out of by the next visit. In fact, leave the strollers, high chairs, cribs, carseats and everything else at home. You can rent all the baby equipment you need at your travel destination instead.

Whatever your adventure, local baby gear providers are ready to deliver safe, clean, age-appropriate equipment for your little bundle of joy. Just make a reservation online and a provider will deliver your gear right to you. We can even meet you at the airport as soon as your flight arrives to get your family safely on the road.

What to Look For When Renting Baby Equipment

The first step to renting baby equipment is taking a look at your planned activities and taking inventory of what you might need. Are you planning a scenic mountain hike or a weekend at the beach?  Providers offer specialty items such as baby hiking backpacks and beach packages unique to their location. 


You’ll also want to make sure you are choosing baby equipment that will help you rest and relax on your trip. Afterall, vacation is for recharging, right?! Full size cribs are our #1 most rented item for a very good reason. When baby sleeps well on vacation, everyone gets the shut-eye they need (and want!). Along with a crib, consider renting a sound machine, humidifier, night light, blackout curtains, and any other sleep aid that will make baby more comfortable.  


Lastly, we understand that safety and cleanliness are most important when traveling with babies and toddlers! Because of this we follow high quality cleaning and sanitizing standards (in line with CDC recommendations) to ensure a safe and positive experience for your whole family. 

baby equipment rentals and strollers

What People Are Saying

“Renting equipment was great! As a new mom you get into bedtime and meal routines with your new baby. This made me petrified of traveling but we rented everything we needed. It made the trip relaxing and alleviated my stress levels. It was such a relief and such an easy process!” 

~ Blair G.

“We loved having everything all set up for us! We showed up to our vacation rental and our provider had gone above and beyond by setting up the crib and high chair for us. Our vacation started the moment we walked into the door! We didn’t have to waste time reading instruction manuals.”

~ Sarah H.

“We rent baby equipment all the time when our grandkids visit! We rented a package with a toddler bed, high-chair, sound machine, and age-appropriate toys. The kids have different toys to play with every time they stay with us. It makes things so much easier!”

~ Lisa S.

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